Education and Creative Entrepreneur Development Programs

The Creative Rights Clinic offers educational presentations and workshops for the creative community that develop creators’ entrepreneurial skills and foster a greater understanding of, and comfort-level with, relevant laws and the legal process. We cover a broad range of topics relevant to the creative community’s legal needs, such as: “Copyright and Trademark Basics,” “Understanding Fair Use,” “When Do I Need to See an Attorney,”  ”Negotiating Contracts,” “Digital Rights,” and “Business Fundamentals.”

Our workshops include skill-building exercises for creators, such as mock contract negotiations and licensing/fair use issue-spotting drills. With the participation of volunteer attorneys and law students, the Clinic also offers creators free legal counseling that may either solve an issue or provide an understanding of whether or not further legal counsel is needed.

Education on legal topics and exposure to the law are tremendously important to the growth of the creative community. The Creative Rights clinic seeks out a wide and diverse range of creators, such as youth at Ann Arbor’s Neutral Zone Teen Center, master’s students at the University of Michigan School of Architecture, and everything in-between.

Many of the creators we work with through the Clinic have had no, or only limited, previous exposure to the law. We view the way in which we present the Clinic to be nearly as important as what we are presenting, as we strive to change the negative pop-culture perception of lawyers and lay a strong foundation with creators who see the law as a positive force, perhaps even a catalyst, to the creative process.