Creative Rights is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to providing free legal services, educational programs, and coordination of professional support services to the creative community. We serve artists and creators throughout Michigan, with a focus on the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas.


Our vision is realizing the full potential of the creative community and sparking a renaissance in creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Too often artists overestimate the restrictiveness of the law and approach it only when in need of crisis management. Instead of viewing the law as an option of last resort, we believe it should be a tool available throughout the creative process that increases the number of choices available to creators, giving them a better understanding of the law and greater exposure to business models that may better fit their needs on a given project.

Creative Rights empowers emerging artists and creators by giving them affordable legal advice and representation from attorneys with a strong background in the arts. Our attorneys are committed to making the law more accessible for the creative community in areas such as copyright, patent, trademark, licensing, and contracts. Creative Rights works with local arts organizations to integrate free legal services and the option to pursue alternative business models with existing professional development and learning opportunities. Creative Rights works with area universities and law schools to provide students with opportunities to gain hands-on experience working with artists and to encourage the development of entrepreneurial and professional skills. Creative Rights also works in conjunction with national arts, technology, and IP-related organizations in order to implement its community-based pilot programs.


As the law adapts to technological and social developments in the digital age, it is essential that the legal community embrace creators to ensure they understand the law as an empowering, rather than impeding, force. It is also important that, given the current economic climate in Michigan, we do not allow a gap to develop in which emerging creators do not have access to affordable and friendly legal services. The development of such a gap, along with the dearth of alternative business models addressing the increasingly blurred creator/consumer distinction, stunts creativity from an early stage of professional development, and could threaten to stifle the creative potential of future generations.

Creative Rights offers a blend of services unlike anything currently offered in the region. Creative Rights’ brand of legal services will provide clients with a cheap, friendly, and individually-tailored legal experience. In all aspects of our services, the Creative Rights ethos that both legal assistance and the creative process are collaborative, community-driven enterprises, will be present.


Creative Rights believes in a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to client representation and project development. The services offered for any given project are tailored to the needs of the client and the demands of the specific project. Creative Rights maintains a flexible roster of affiliates that contribute to project support, including individuals, organizations, and schools.