Experiments in Collaboration

Creative Rights’ latest project, Origins and Endings: Experiments in Collaboration, involves thirteen artists who were selected in early 2013 as participants in an experiment.  Mostly strangers, the collection includes painters, sculptors, designers, actors, aerial performers, and more.  Once selected for participation, the artists were randomly placed into four collectives and given three months to create new work together.  Each collective is responsible for creating an installation and corresponding performance piece that is inspired by the theme of Origins and Endings.  The artwork will be the focus of the evening and guests will have the opportunity to speak directly with the collectives and interact with the historic space. Once a film production studio, Jam Handy plays host to many arts and culture events in Detroit including, Detroit Soup and productions from Creative Rights client, The Hinterlands.  The building is named after Henry Jamison ‘Jam’ Handy, 1904 Olympic Medalist, filmmaker, and producer.  One of his better known films created at the studio, Detroit: City on The Move (1965), was a promotional film made for the city of Detroit in its bid for the Olympic Games.  Now owned and operated by Simeon Heyer, Jam Handy presents Detroit with another deconstructed playground for the arts. // TICKETS // $15 at the door.

Origins & Endings: Experiments in Collaboration
Saturday // May 11, 2013 // 8PM – 12AM
The Jam Handy Building // 2900 E. Grand Blvd., Detroit, MI 48202 
O+E Artist Collectives

A Moveable Text
Ruth Bardenstein
Marisa Dluge
Sunny Smith

Lot 49
Emily Roll
Anna Schaap
Audrey Stanton

Renee Willoughby
Andy Hawkes
Karilu Forshee

Desiree Duell
Loralei Byatt
Veronica Callan
Erin Garber-Pearson



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